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Ground floor up, the Hucul Law Group will counsel you to efficiently navigate the complex web of laws, contracts, warranties and financing agreements needed to successfully complete your construction project. Whether it is a; design contract, an AIA contract, a subcontract, or a supply agreement, the Hucul Law Group can help you to mitigate risk and help you confidently manage your project. Engaging a lawyer early-on in a construction project can help you avoid problems and prevent misunderstandings from snowballing into a crisis.   


In the event of a dispute, the Hucul Law Group recognizes the importance of mitigating risk; and, the value of mediating, arbitrating or collectively resolving disputes without running to court. 


When litigating we will zealously advocate on your behalf, managing every aspect of your case.  We will hire and collaborate with experts, manage your insurance carriers, review evidence, and prepare witnesses.  Our comprehensive strategic advocacy and attention to detail will position you for success.    


We handle construction transactions and litigation related to: 

  • AIA and Concensus Doc contracts;

  • Design Build and Construction Management Contracts;

  • Supply Agreements and Trade Sub-Contracts;

  • Breach of Contract and Termination;

  • Construction Defects (both latent and patent);

  • Design Defects;

  • Warranty Claims;

  • Scheduling Delays;

  • Scope or Specifications; 

  • Surety Bonds; and, 

  • Insurance coverage (including Builder's Risk and Professional Liability).

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