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Labor and Employment

Employment law is one of the fastest evolving areas of law.  Navigating the layers of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations requires businesses to diligently research and stay updated of recent developments. Employment policies, handbooks, and application documents need to be frequently modified to ensure compliance. 


Learning about our clients' businesses and employees will allow the Hucul Law Group to tailor comprehensive strategies to allow your team to get to work while you feel secure. 


We always advise employers to avoid employment litigation, and whenever possible, to use alternative dispute resolutions.  


The Hucul Law Group represents employers on a variety of employment matters, including:


  • Employment Litigation (including hearings in the New York State Division of Human Rights, and the New York City Commission on Human Rights.)

  • Harassment and discrimination; 

  • Employment contracts;

  • Severance agreements;

  • Wage, hour and commission claims; 

  • Regulation and Legal Compliance; 

  • Internal Investigations; 

  • Non-Competes and Restrictive Covenants; and, 

  • Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreements.

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